The Staff Day Out

Wow, what a day we had on Friday, we took our selves (all 9 of us), and three of our more foolhardy students, on an outdoor teambuilding event run by a company called Wild Events Ltd.

We actually had the option of extending it to Saturday but we were all so tired after the day was over we unanimously agreed (nearly unanimously, Charles had to be different but he was outvoted 11-1)

This was planned from the start to be more than just team building, we wanted to include as many opportunies for photography as we could, and we were not disappointed.

We all showed up at the appointed time and place expecting that we were going to be orienteering and doing proper commando style survival in the wilds so everyone went a bit over the top when it came to clothes, food and equipment so when we all met up everyone had massive backpacks on and then they told us we don’t actually need any of that as everything was going to be supplied… well, apart from out prized cameras (although even those could have been provided, but you take my Nikon from my cold dead hands).

We didn’t know where we were going to be sleeping so we all expected the worst.  I think that may have been part of the challenge, though was to see how well we would prepare for the unknown and the great outdoors, although the number of laptops, tablets and smartphones they had to confiscate from us all on the day was a bit embarrassing!

So there we were, shivering nervously in the middle of a forest in the depths of the Norfolk moors, a two hour hike from where we were dropped off by minibus, and man, it was cold! But after the walk we arrived at a quite rustic looking complex of log cabins where we were able to store our gear, get a brew in and get out first proper briefing.

So it turns out after we had all been divided into teams we had to choose a team name, design a team logo, which was fun by the way but we all had different ideas of how we wanted to be represented visually. (nerd alert) Then we had to design a flag which was easy as we had already chosen “the lions” for our team name, the logo and flag was like falling off a log really.

Then the next thing we had to do was go out into the depths of the forest and look for firewood and then build ourselves a shelter form a bunch of random- looking materials we discovered along the way. It wasn’t too hard really and once our makeshift shelters were up, we had a fire going and a bean stew cooking the other half of our team were off building traps and defensive devices to prevent marauders attacking us in the night!

We were instructed to orient our way between several waypoints without a map all we were given was a compass, a couple of torches and a pack of glowsticks which turned out to be more useful than we expected, mainly for finding our way back to our camp and acting as like a trail of crumbs so we were able to backtrack successfully before they ran out, which was something of a relief as it was utterly pitch black in those woods and we didn’t want to get lost out there without phones or GPS

Our makeshift shelters were a bit rickety but the sleeping bags were warm and it didn’t rain, so that was a relief and to our surprise we were informed in the morning over breakfast that our team had scored the highest overall, so we were utterly jubilant on return journey 

Published on  September 4th, 2014