Earn Money From Your Photos

Another interesting development in the world of on line photography is that you can actually turn your photographs into money makers in various ways. You can upload your photo files to web sites like Zazzle, Cafepress and many others and the companies will do all your advertising and you can choose what formats your images are to be offered on like canvas, t shirt, mug etc. For every sale, you receive a commission, but the overall prices are quite high so unless your pictures are particularly original, it's hard to make any sales.

Another option is to upload your pictures to photo sharing sites that charge either per photo downloaded by customers or they charge a monthly subscription. You get a comission payment every time one of your files are downloaded. It may not be much, but the secret is in the numbers, and also the subject matter. If you think in terms of the sort of photographs people will actually need and be prepared to pay for, then those are the shots you need to be taking.

Instead of taking loads of photographs that you like or that are convenient to your location, consider taking photographs of common things, like fruit and non-branded goods, also skies are a good subject that will be used very often in photo compositing. If you happened to live somewhere where there were few buildings and an uncluttered horizon then you could produce lots of different views of the same sky with different weather and lighting conditions cropped to give the sky only that would potentially make sales for the rest of your life. Passive income is a wonderful thing, you do the work, upload and forget and the money rolls in for years afterwards without requiring you to do any more work.

The secret as stated before is choosing the most popular subjecs and then the numbers, you need to take and upload as many as possible and your income will be greater. You can't just upload a few images andf expect to earn more than a few pounds a year, but if you make a point of uploading hundreds and then thoudsands of well exposed, in focus high resolution digital photos of subjects that there is a demand for, then you could finf that your earnings just keep on increasing.

Also, you need to be very organized when it comes to digital file management, make sure you give all your photos logical names and this is important for another reason. For your pictures to sell they must be easy to find and if they have relevant and logical names they are more likely to be found by a potential buyer when they do a google image search. Putting some thought into their names could make the difference between them selling and not selling.

Payment will tend to be through Paypal, which is perfectly reasonable, and you can transfer the funds to your bank account in a matter of minutes, other sites use bacs payment or they might post you a cheque when the amount reaches a certain level.