Photo Printing

These days, the easiest way to get your digital photographs printed is by uploading them to a printing web site, choosing the size and type of surface you want it printed on and ordering. Your print will be posted to you and it will save you time, also you have a massive range of surfaces you can have your image printed on, for traditional flat surface printing there is glossy, matt, satin and various textured surfaces like canvas, wooden blocks, and even metallic. Some printers guarantee that the prints will retain their colour for a hundred years but that remains to be seen… all the same, it means that they are unlikely to fade in the near future. Also you can get your photographs printed on a huge range of different surfaces like T shirts, mugs, badges, placemats, mouse mats, even cushions! You can have your photos printed on I phone cases, and plastic cases for just about every device imaginable.

If you want your photograph printed really large then you need to make sure it is a really high quality picture and at large resolution, so you don’t see ugly square pixels, but it’s still very easy to achieve this these days. Even if your photo is not very high resolution you can use software to increase its size and these software packages can do a really excellent job of this using fractal algorithms to allow you to enlarge your pictures for printing on large canvases, which can look very striking and these days not cost as much as you might expect. You can even get the costs down to rock bottom by having the canvas rolled up and posted to you for you to mount on a wooden frame yourself.

The other option is to print them yourself, which used to save money but doesn’t so much these days, photo inkjet printers can produce very good quality prints but the amount of time it takes sometimes to get a decent print out of them can be annoying, also, they all use ink to clean the heads and are quite expensive to feed. They also have obsolescence built in so after a pre determined number of prints or cleans, a chip inside the unit will count down to a designated number and then the printer will stop working.

The marketing for printers is very clever, the manufacturers offer the printers themselves at the lowest possible prices and charge large amounts for the inks, which you will have to keep buying until the printer inevitably goes faulty, which is guaranteed to happen. Ink jet printers can produce excellent pho prints  as long as you use them regularly, or else their print heads will clog or dry up, if you use them excessively they will develop other faults like dropping random blobs of ink on your photos. They are not built for printing large amounts of phot prints especially not at large sazes, unless you pay a lot of money for them.

If you want quality professional printing, the most efficient and economic results are to be found by using on line photo printing services. Here are a few photo printing web sites for you to check out;