Alternatives To Printing

Once you have a bunch of photographs stored on a memory card or hard drive somewhere, you don’t get to enjoy them at all, in many cases they are forgotten or lost entirely so its important to get your pictures out into the real world where they can be seen. The obvious and traditional way to do this is to get them printed and that’s fine but there are a number of interesting alternatives you can check out,

The first being photo frames, which used to be rather expensive but with the price of memory and display technology constantly dropping, they have become much more affordable and less fiddly too. You don’t even need a computer these days you can just Bluetooth or Wi-fi the image to your photo frame from your camera or smart phone and it is stored there. You can have the frame display a number of image and program the interval between them as well as in some cases, touch screen technology as well.

The wi- fi connectivity means now that you can have the photo frame connected wirelessly to your internet router and have your photos stored on a dedicated web site so the number of photos your screen cam be displaying is now infinite, you can also set the timing between the photos on the web site as well which is a great feature. With LED backlighting,  the display quality  on modern photo frames is excellent in almost all lighting conditions and is a great way to enjoy your photographs and makes a lot more sense than keeping them hidden on a memory card that can easily be lost or damaged.

Another alternative to printing your photographs is to share them on the internet. You can either try to earn revenue from them, or simply share them with the world on line. There are so many ways to do this these days you will be literally spoiled for choice and you still retain the copyright for them so there are no worries on that score, nobody can use your pictures for anything other than sharing non commercially without your permission under current intellectual property law.

You can share your pictures on social media sites like facebook, flickr, google+ , picasa, photobucket, photobox and many others. You can share them individually or make a loop of photographs and share it on youtube, even add your own voice over, text and music if you want. You can do this with free software, a good option is windows movie maker but there are online applications that can make this easy for you as well as fun and you can e mail or post the link to share with your friends and family.